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What Being Registered Means to Us and You

Credit Card Processing Services, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of National City Bank, Louisville, KY

The most important business decision that CCPS has made was to become officially registered with the MasterCard and Visa associations. It reinforces our commitment to living by the high standards mandated by these organizations and demonstrates our sincere desire to provide our clients with unrivaled professionalism.

Just as you would expect that your doctor be a member of the AMA or your attorney be a member of the Bar, a business owner should also expect to do business with a credit card merchant sales professional. Kevin Aniess, the President of Credit Card Processing Services, regularly attends industry training conferences and subscribes to and reads each of the major industry trade publications including Credit Card Management, The Green Sheet, Transaction World, and others. By doing so we are able to keep abreast of the latest trends and changing rules and regulations in order to serve you better.

Registering as an ISO/MSP (Independent Sales Organization - Visa / Merchant Service Provider - MasterCard) is much more than simply filling out a membership application. The process required a review of our business practices, financial strength, and vision of the future. It also required CCPS to pay a large monetary registration fee with an annual renewal fee.

It should be noted that it is mandatory for every individual and company that promotes or provides major credit card merchant accounts to be officially registered. This was instituted back in the 1970's as a way of weeding out unscrupulous sales practices that were rampant at that time. Unfortunately, even today, there are still some organizations and sales reps that fail to comply. Unregistered agents tend to be less informed, prone to make false representations, less diligent in providing valuable training and professional advice, and more likely to be less accountable should a problem develop. As you search for a merchant account on the Internet please be sure that you see the required ISO/MSP affiliation along with the sponsoring bank's name and city on the company's web site. This notice lets you know that you are doing business with a professional, similar to the MD after your physician's name or the CPA designation that your accounting professional proudly displays. Dealing with a registered professional goes a long way to insuring that we will have a mutually rewarding long-term professional relationship.

As a further commitment to integrity and a sense of community, Credit Card Processing Services is proud to be a long-time member of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

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